Verbatim - 52x CD-R Discs (10-Pack) - Silver

Verbatim - 52x CD-R Discs (10-Pack) - Silver

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Record over one hour of music to each Verbatim CD-R 10-pack disc. You can save your favorite music and make it more portable. Enjoy music in your car, at a friend's place or give it as a gift. These Verbatim CD-R 10-pack discs safeguard your music or data for years.

Product Features

52x write speed

Allowing you to record a CD in less than 2 minutes.

700MB or 80 minute storage capacity

Ideal storage media for recording and sharing any combination of digital images, music, desktop files and more.


Compatible with most CD writers with speed up to 52x.

What's Included

  • Verbatim Branded 52x CD-R Discs (10-Pack)
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